Global Feasts catering provides exciting and ethnically authentic, healthy, fresh, homemade foods and excellent service, at competitive prices, for large functions and events. We also cater for all dietary requirements including dairy free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic.

Global Feasts Catering services include:

  • Catered sit down functions – either buffet or table service
  • Catered party food
  • Flexible options for a range of other occasions

Global Feasts creates training and employment opportunities for people from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling to maintain work in a competitive labour market due to barriers such as their cultural background, no local references, no education pathway or no access to employment services, etc.

With the help of an experienced team of supervisory staff Global Feasts gives our trainees a safe environment to build their skills and confidence. Global Feasts Catering does more than please the taste buds; it makes a difference in the community.

Learn how you can hire Global Feasts Catering for your event or function today.

Help us to create training and employment opportunities in Melbourne's South East.

When you choose to use Global Feasts for your event or functions, you give unemployed people from a vulnerable and disadvantaged background an opportunity with sustainable employment, which helps rebuild their lives. With the opportunity provided by you, they gain practical work experience and access to a variety of further supported career pathways, either employment through FOR’s other social enterprises or further study.


I belong to the Rural Australians for Refugees Queanbeyan group. There are compelling economic, legal, ethical and humanitarian reasons to change our refugee policy but to me the important thing is to imagine ourselves in their situation, and recognise our common humanity.
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