friendship outreach

Our Friendship Outreach program creates bonds between Australians and people seeking asylum living in the metropolitan suburbs and rural areas who are struggling with social isolation, language and cultural barriers. Friendship Outreach aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individuals regardless of where they come from or how they came to Australia.

Operational Ethos

Friendship Outreach is founded upon the idea that each person has a natural tendency to respond with human generosity if they know the problems faced by another human. We match families and friends based on the needs of each individual’s situation and let the lives of the families we serve be enhanced while the volunteers reap the rewards of selfless giving. Friendship, acceptance and a chance to participate in socially accepted bonding opportunities are critical to achieving an inclusive society.


I am Steph from Frankston. I support asylum seekers by being a regular sponsor of UNHCR Emergency Relief. Every person has a right to seek sanctuary. Australia has a responsibility to provide it. A warzone is no place for children and their families.
Steph Kadwell
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