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RECOVER is a furniture up-cycling social enterprise, creating training and employment opportunities for people from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling to maintain work in a competitive labour market due to barriers such as their cultural background, no local references, no education pathway or no access to employment services, etc. Recover is committed to sustainability and reducing landfill – up-cycling old unwanted furniture, recycling materials from unusable items, working with materials either donated or reclaimed from the local area and donating the up-cycled furniture to people in desperate need.

At RECOVER we sort, recycle, up-cycle furniture right from design; researching current trends and techniques, planning how we can make a presentable piece whilst still putting our personal stamp on it. The participants work on their chosen piece of furniture; repairing, sanding, painting and varnishing before finally learning about pricing and marketing. The upholstery team work on producing outstanding and original items- participants receive training and support in re-using fabrics and materials. They are involved with planning & design, measuring, cutting, sewing, fire retardant rules and regulations, current trends, pricing and marketing.

Learn how you can you can donate your unwanted furniture to make a meaningful difference in vulnerable people lives.

Help us to create training and employment opportunities in Melbourne's South East.

When you choose to donate your furniture and materials to RECOVER, you give unemployed people from a vulnerable and disadvantaged background an opportunity with sustainable employment, which helps rebuild their lives. With the opportunity provided by you, they gain practical work experience and access to a variety of further supported career pathways, either employment through FOR’s other social enterprises or further study.


We are a country of immigrants from all over the world, from every culture, from every religion, from every belief system. Our culture and way of life is the product of that, and it’s remarkable because of that. If you can’t see that, I can only suggest that you need to see more of the world and life in general. Yes, we want to welcome people from Syria and all the other countries that have been devestated by extremism and insanity, because that’s what we’ve always done and that’s what we’re ver…
Chris Turner
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