People from refugee backgrounds suffer from a loss of identity, social isolation, language and cultural barriers and the uncertainty that comes from losing everything they have ever known and the uncertainty of their future in Australia. The horrors they flee from, the trauma and the upheaval of their experiences and the unfamiliarity of a new country they are settling in creates immense fear, often immobilising them from taking action to improve their situation causing severe depression and PTSD.

Operational Ethos

Our Adult Support groups aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment where all people can relax, make friends and contacts, share experiences, learn new ideas and skills, and find pathways to connect to services and opportunities.

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I am Steph from Frankston. I support asylum seekers by being a regular sponsor of UNHCR Emergency Relief. Every person has a right to seek sanctuary. Australia has a responsibility to provide it. A warzone is no place for children and their families.
Steph Kadwell
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