Work@FORSE (Friends of Refugees Social Enterprises) provides temporary staffing solutions to businesses and home owners while helping rebuild lives by providing jobs and other essential support services to people from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling to maintain work in a competitive labour market due to barriers such as their cultural background, no local references, no education pathway or no access to employment services, etc.

Our Work@FORSE program connects men and women with employment opportunities at local businesses and residences in Melbourne, particularly in the south east of Melbourne. FOR’s Pre-Employment Training & Support program is a supportive employment program that specialises in helping people who face many barriers to employment to become job ready. People who successfully complete this program join our Work@FORSE inititiative and are ready to start work at one of our client organisations. We also receive referrals from local community organisations, disability employment services, Job Active providers, local learning & employment networks, community & neighbourhood Houses.

Work@FORSE’s main purpose is to match eager, qualified workers with jobs at businesses, residences, a small portion of every employment fee goes back into the program to support the mission.

All workers are background-checked and have legal permission to work in Australia.  Areas of expertise include food service, dishwashing, cleaning, property maintenance, lawn mowing, moving assistance, housekeeping, warehouse work, trenching, carpentry, painting, demolition, drywall, hauling debris, etc. requiring either a small or larger team to undertake manual or semi-skilled labour. Temporary and permanent workers are available — and there is never a fee for permanent hires.  In addition, our workers receive safety training and we do our due diligence to ensure job sites fit the standards established by FairWork Australia.

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When you choose to use Work@FORSE for your temporary staffing needs, you give unemployed people from a vulnerable and disadvantaged background an opportunity with sustainable employment, which helps rebuild their lives. With the opportunity provided by you, they gain practical work experience and access to a variety of further supported career pathways, either employment through FOR’s other social enterprises or further study.


I am asking for a change in our refugee policy because it is selfish, inhumane and harming not only those seeking refuge, but the heart of Australia. What you are doing is wrong.
Michelle Parton
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