Anne Cary, a Presentation Sister, has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. After retiring from Foundation House, she began volunteering in the Learning English Program at FOR in 2019. Her first group of women were mainly grandmothers, who in some cases, had limited or no opportunity of formal education in their country of origin. On resuming after the covid restrictions she noted a new buzz and confidence within the women. This year she has a second group, of women keen to help their children. Both expressed a desire to focus on oral language and grammar. Some of the themes covered were: purchasing fruit and vegetables; herbs and spices; sharing favourite recipes; writing your recipe for someone else to cook; basic first aid / safety and recycling. This term they are beginning to negotiate the language and concepts associated with citizenship. It’s lovely to see the women helping each other, interpreting when required and enjoying their time together. Three of the women are working full time, doing the afternoon – evening shift.