practical work experience

Our Practical Work Experience initiative focuses on the skills learnt during pre-employment training as well as the theoretical knowledge needed for a specific trade, craft or job function.

The training emphasises the practical applications of the acquired skills and it provides the much-needed hands-on instruction in a specific trade. It works as a connecting link between theoretical education and the real working environment. The work placements are conducted in our own social enterprises or with partner organisations.

The Practical Work English program helps build General English skills by working on practical, work-related vocabulary, and focuses on the language needed in the workplace and help participants gain the means to express themselves effectively in English in their workplace. When English is a second or a third language for many adults in the people seeking asylum community, it is often very hard to grasp English in a classroom setting, people learn better in a practical environment and are able to use and practise their new vocabulary.

Operational Ethos

This is a challenge that FOR takes head on and strives to educate or up skill people and communities with low English and skills in not only English, homework support for children but also in vocational training projects in order to make them self-sustaining and financially independent.At the end of the practical work placement participants will receive a certificate of completion and job reference to help them find work in their field, while supported by volunteer mentors.


I have been involved since 2002 in working towards reforming refugee policy by govts in Australia. My priority has been to close detention centres (offshore & onshore), to welcome refugees and asylum seekers and process their refugee applications on the Australian mainland. Boat towbacks are dangerous and violate the UN Convention on Refugees. Australia must welcome genuine refugees.
Nizza Siano
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