The Refugee and Asylum Seekers Recognition Awards (RASRA) recognises individuals from a refugee and asylum seeker background for their outstanding contribution to the Australian community. It also recognises the volunteers who have contributed significantly to the advancement of refugee resettlement and the betterment of refugees’ lives in Australia. The RASR Awards also mark and form part of the celebrations for Refugee Week (19-25 June 2016) – Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public on refugee issues. Recipients are recognised at an Awards Ceremony held during the Refugee Week.


I am asking for a change in policy because I believe protecting our borders at the cost of our humanity, decency and compassion has transformed us into human rights abusers. These people who come by boat are you and I…..your brothers and sisters….daughters and sons. There but for the grace of God goes your or I. We are better than this. We are smarter than this. There is another option. Please stop turning your heads from the abuse this government perpetrates in your name.
Jane Healy
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