FOR helps refugees and people seeking asylum to become work-ready by providing a range of workplace skills readiness and practical training programs and activities. Our Social Enterprise programs (hyperlink) have also been initiated to help job seekers build confidence and become work-ready by providing to get on the job training and experience. These programs include: catering, removals, property maintenance and cleaning.

The training is made up of four major components:

  • Mentoring, job instruction and practical experience for asylum seekers and refugees in our social enterprises;
  • Education about work rights and Australian work culture to prepare participants for a job in Australia;
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL,) through vocabulary building, using words and vocabulary relevant to the training, employment and common day to day usage – as most of the people we assist have very low levels of spoken English language;
  • Life and employment skills, such as resume writing, job applications, and interview techniques, that will enhance the participant’s abilities to apply for and obtain work.

Operational Ethos

This is a challenge that FOR takes head on and strives to educate or up skill people and communities with low English and skills in not only English, homework support for children but also in vocational training projects in order to make them self-sustaining and financially independent.


I belong to the Rural Australians for Refugees Queanbeyan group. There are compelling economic, legal, ethical and humanitarian reasons to change our refugee policy but to me the important thing is to imagine ourselves in their situation, and recognise our common humanity.
Vivian Harris
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