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Food and Shelter is a fundamental human right and provides a necessary foundation to create opportunities for a better life. Without food and shelter everything else becomes secondary. It becomes harder for people to optimise their social and economic potential, including achieving community participation, education, access to employment and training, health outcomes and quality of life. The economic and social costs to the community of people living in utmost poverty are significant, with an increased deleterious impact on health and community services, the justice system and mental health services. This also increases social isolation and alienation to the mainstream community in addition to the cultural and language barriers and makes it very difficult for people with low English and skills to break the cycle of poverty.

Friends of Refugees is committed to its socially responsible role of providing support to people seeking asylum through our community programs, access to employment and practical training opportunities through our Social Enterprises and increasing awareness of the Australian people about the plight of people seeking asylum and refugees situation in Australia and to build positive relationships with each other through our Advocacy programs. This commitment not only benefits people seeking asylum to be respected and valued members of the Australian community, but also the wider community.

Since our inception we have supported people seeking asylum in many ways, the following is the social impact as of 30th June 2017 through our various programs.


Homes Established-4015 homes

Beds gifted-over 6540 valued at $327,000

Fridges gifted-over 2430 valued at $486,000

Washing machines gifted-over 2780 valued at $552,000

Couches gifted-over 2500 valued at $500,000

Bicycles gifted-over 3200 valued at $160,000

Computers gifted-over 465 valued at $46,500

FOOD AID-over 260 tonnes of donated food valued over $520,000

EDUCATION SUPPORT-30-40 children/week

EDUCATION SUPPORT-Adults-25-30/week

FORSE Friends of Refugees Social Enterprises

Number of hours worked in FORSE -1920 hours

Number of people employed through FORSE programs-34

Number of people who have found permanent work-19

#IamWithYou-199139 Australians have said that they welcomed refugees and want better treatment for the people seeking protection in Australia.

REFUGEE WEEK-RASRA-23 people seeking asylum have been recognised for their contribution to Australian Community, 550 people attended the two awards celebrations.


COUNTLESS, because most importantly, we have built friendships with many new arrivals to make them feel welcome in our community.


ENDLESS, because volunteers are our heart and soul of our organisation that enables us to provide these services. Approximately 1550 hours of service provided/year with 100+ volunteers giving over 9300 hours valued at $232,500/year


Over 10,000 generous Australians have donated furniture and food to desperate people in need, we have been able to provide the above services only because of you. Thank You.


I am Kathy from Suffolk Park and I want us to share our huge lucky country with those less fortunate. I want to see a stop to the cruelty to the people we have currently in detention.
Kathy Frame
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