Friends of Refugees Education Support Program is designed to help people seeking asylum, refugee families and their children with the necessary assistance in learning English and keeping on top of school work in a new country.


Our tutoring program assists children of school age with homework, and provides them with comprehensive English, Maths and Science learning programs. Classes for children are run after school and on Saturdays, offering hands-on support for school work.

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Family Literacy Classes

The Family Literacy program offers English as an additional language class for members and provides care to their young children during these classes. Many people seeking asylum are unable to attend regular English classes since they cannot take their small children with them. FOR gives all families access to these classes and offers the necessary support to parents and their children to allow them to succeed with their education.

Operational Ethos:

Friends of Refugees Education Support Program acts to support its members by educating and up-skilling people and communities with low English and skills. This in not only through English classes and homework help for children but also in vocational training projects in order to support people seeking asylum to become self-sustaining and financially independent.

If you are interested in volunteering with any of the above programs, please send your resume to 

If you are looking to take part in our education programs as a member, please email for more information


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