One of the biggest challenges of being a refugee is to establish and maintain a strong sense of community that allows an individual to develop a sense of identity and form relationships in a foreign land. Refugees can often undergo periods of social isolation after migrating to a new country that is typically characterised by feelings of neglect and abandonment. Friends of Refugees strongly believes that community support is an essential aspect in cultivating a positive experience for families from refugee backgrounds to start a new life.

 Through its variety of programs, Friends of Refugees is able to play a pivotal role in integrating refugee communities within wider society. Programs range from providing material and food aid to families in dire need of basic necessities such as furniture and basic foods in a culturally appropriate manner to helping improve literacy skills for migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds. This is complemented by initiatives such as support groups whereby individuals are able to have access to mentors that are able to guide refugees in understanding the way of life in a foreign land. 

By taking a holistic approach to refugee resettlement, Friends of Refugees aims to ensure that refugees and people seeking asylum are better positioned to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions in Australia, their new home.

The following are the range of community support programs we offer:


We are a country of immigrants from all over the world, from every culture, from every religion, from every belief system. Our culture and way of life is the product of that, and it’s remarkable because of that. If you can’t see that, I can only suggest that you need to see more of the world and life in general. Yes, we want to welcome people from Syria and all the other countries that have been devestated by extremism and insanity, because that’s what we’ve always done and that’s what we’re ver… Read more
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