#IamWithyou Movement

Do you want to show our government that Australians want a better treatment for people seeking asylum? The #IamWithYou campaign is a channel between you and policy makers, where you can show the government your support for people seeking asylum by adding your voice to the rising tide of voices asking for change. Add Your Voice now at www.iamwithyou.org.au

Add your voice now

We’re gathering your messages of support to show policymakers, to prove that it’s time to find a better way. This World Refugee Day and in the lead up to the federal election, we’re going to flood social media with messages of support for people’s right to safety. But we’re not going to stop there. As the groundswell grows, this website will become a testament to the fact that it’s time for change, and we’re not going away until we get it. Add Your Voice Now at www.iamwithyou.org.au

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