Business Achievement

Khan Hazara came to Australia by boat in Nov 2009. He was detained at Christmas Island then released into community with few clothes and shoes. When he arrived in Melbourne he immediately started studying for a certificate in business management and later did his diploma. He worked night shift whilst continuing with study and later worked at a small wholesale bakery, managing three employees. He hardly slept but now he owns several shops and employs 10 people. Starting with nothing, he now has multi-million dollar assets, donates to the refugee community and assists his Hazara people who are victims of terrorism .
He has also funded many projects including a movie about the plight of Hazara refugees, called the Darkness Challenge and many other refugee cultural and social events. He is at the forefront of advocating on behalf of refugees in general as well as role model for our youth. He employs local refugees and trains young peopleHe is very active in the field of Business recently winning the Casey youngest business title.
He is a Philanthropist supporting charities and local refugee organisations

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