Sports Achievement

Yaser has been participating in Kung Fu Wushu since he was young. In Iran he was a national champion in his sport but had to leave his country due to ongoing political issues. Soon after being released from detention in Melbourne, Yaser began participating in Kung Fu Wushu at a studio in Dandenong –. His most recent success has been winning a gold medal at the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships earlier this year.
Yaser is now ranked number one in Australia for his sport and has been invited by the Federation of the sport to compete at the international tournament in Indonesia but due to the conditions on his current visa (Bridging Visa E), Yaser is not permitted to travel outside of Australia.
Despite this set back in his fighting career, Yaser has taken on a positive attitude and has been volunteering his time to teach Kung Fu and self defence to young people in the community of Dandenong. Yaser has a positive attitude and eagerness to do what he can not only to benefit his own situation but to give back to the community in which he lives.

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