pledge your gift

Mark your special occasion by encouraging friends and family to make a donation to Friends of Refugees instead of receiving gifts. You can set up an online fundraising page or more traditional donation methods are available.

Have you got a big birthday coming up?  

We all have them. Now, let’s use them to do something big. There’s no better time to ask your friends and family to support a cause you care about than when you are celebrating a special day.

You don’t need to organise a big party – just create a fundraising webpage and let everyone know that this year you’re asking for donations instead of gifts.

Your friends will know that they have helped you get closer to your fundraising target while they celebrate with you.

Start fundraising today:

  1. Create a fundraising page.
  2. Personalise your page as much as possible – add a photo, write about why you are fundraising and set your fundraising target.
  3. When your page is complete, send the link to everyone you know.  Start with email then share it on social media.

Your friends, family and colleagues will be able to visit your webpage, see how much you have raised and make a donation to help you reach your target. They will even get a receipt immediately.

You’ll receive an email each time someone makes a donation so you can thank everyone who donates and track your fundraising progress!

Getting Married but already have a house load of stuff?

Why not pledge your wedding gifts to us? Create a Gift Registry for free. You can upload images, write welcome notes, send invites, track donations and your guests get an instant tax deduction. How good is that!

It is simple.

Create a Gift Registry Here.

Tell Everybody!   –  Instead of presents, just ask your family to donate to Friends of Refugees

Make this a meaningful Christmas and donate to Friends of Refugees in lieu of gifts

Playing Secret Santa at the office Christmas party, not sure what to give your loved one for their next birthday? Give a gift that means so much more – a donation to Friends of Refugees.

So why wait? Give your gift of hope to people seeking asylum and refugees.

Contact us to find out how you can help us give people hope.